Arkansas kerala Association

Kerala is a state in India with its own language and cultural identity. The native language is Malayalam. The state of Kerala was formed in 1956 on the basis of language by merging the erstwhile kingdoms of Cochin, Travancore and Malabar. The name Kerala is derived from the coconut trees which are abundant in Kerala. Kera means coconut and Kerala means place where coconuts are in abundance. Kerala is beautiful and scenic and is called God’s own country. It is geographically located at the southern tip of India. The National Geographical Society has referred to Kerala as one of the 20 must see places in the world.

Arkansas Kerala Association is a non profit organization acting as an umbrella organization for the over hundred people associated to Kerala. The membership of the association is open to anyone who is associated to Kerala by birth, marriage or any other cultural relationship. Association has around 50 families living in Arkansas as members.

The association celebrates the national festival of Kerala, Onam and Christmas in a big way. The association also conducts various picnics to have more interaction between the community members. Our activities include publication of Newsletter “Varthamanam”. Newsletter contains all the news about the community and educational and informative contemporary news.

Being a cultural and social organization our primary aim is to promote our language and culture among Indo American community in particular and the Arkansas community in general.

Kerala and Arkansas are related in many ways. Arkansas is natural state of the United States and Kerala is the natural state of India. Both are southern states and has lot of rivers and mountains and trees.

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